Hoppy’s Handwash Cafe

Well we have made it past the 10 year mark which has flown but by no means has been easy . Beginning a carwashing culture in Brisbane was always going to be challenging . With good weather and lots of predictable rain, we all quite liked our Sunday afternoons on the home driveway doing the cars . It’s a pity we weren’t doing the waterways any good though with all those contaminants flowing straight to our waterways , hundreds of Olympic sized swimming pools of leads and oils from Australian household washing .

After a slow start , which enabled us to make our mistakes and recover things started to pick up . Drought conditions even in Brisbane brought water restrictions for households which began to get them into the habit of coming to Hoppys . We began as Handwash Café , but were keen to create an icon of the environment to represent our carwashing brand. Hoppy it was , well known for the environment, cute but trustworthy for adults and loved by the kids . Hoppys has worked extremely well .

As a couple of ex-sportsmen we have done a lot in 10 years, we are trying a new model of carwashing to go with our full service , self service and touchfree automatic models . Express exterior washing , where we will hand and machine wash and then dry your vehicle’s exterior in about 5minutes , for you to vacuum your interior for free.

At our Capalaba site our monthly wash club price certainly entices you to regularly look after your car . Top price wash is $25 or for unlimited $25 washes you can pay $25 a MONTH !

A new piece to the Hoppy’s puzzle, come see us at Bowen Hills, Toowong, Norman Park, Gold Coast, Capalaba or Manly . Great to see you have already found the website .

Our wash processes have always been based on the challenging pillars of TIME! QUALITY,EXPERIENCE AND SAFETY.

It is no mean feat to balance them up successfully for customer satisfaction!

Looking after the environment is a necessity too with our water usage rates more economical than all other wash types, recycling and reuse of water at the prep end of process, harvesting of rainwater and capturing harmful wastes from dirty cars for waste disposal not run off into waterways.

Fall in love with your car again without lifting a finger, try HOPPYS

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