I am passionate about helping people – finding your true ‘fit’, exploring options, moving through a career transition, re-entering the workforce or even if you just feel like you are stuck in a rut. For over 12 years I have worked in Human Resources and Recruitment both in Australia and overseas.

With this experience I truly understand what is happening in the labour market and how people get hired or obtain the promotion or career move they are looking for. With a Graduate Certificate in Career Development I understand the importance of self-knowledge, strengths and the holistic nature of careers.

Coupled with a solid HR and Recruitment background, I can offer you practical guidance and assistance to initially realise where you would like to be and strategies in getting there. Building confidence, understanding yourself, learning about opportunities, optimism and reaching your goals are what I want my clients to achieve.

Having worked in numerous countries and in many types of roles, I understand the importance of having sound knowledge and understanding to make positive career choices. I understand this by having made some great decisions personally, and some not so great. Reflecting back, I am able to understand what could have helped me and I am now privileged to assist others in their career journey.