Representative Honours

The Tigers have won the Hospital Cup on four occasions in 1997, 1999, 2008 and most recently in 2013, while they have also captured the Welsby Cup in 1982, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2011 and Horsley Cup in 1984 and 1999.

Following the Tigers Hospital Cup heroics in 2008, they went on to be crowned Australian Club Champions by defeating Sydney University 38-31 in Sydney.

However, the club has consistently been strong across all grades with Easts winning the Doughty Shield on five occasions in 1987, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2009.

In their history, nine different players have received Premier Rugby Player of the Year honours, including current Reds Head Coach Richard Graham, who won the then XXXX Medal in 1999.

The Player of the Year Award is now known as the Alec Evans Medal and was won in 2012 by Easts flyhalf Matt Brandon, who was also the Player of the Year recipient in 2007.

In 2013, Jarrad Butler was also the recipient of the Qld Reds Spirit award which was a fitting award for a wonderful ambassador of all that is admired in a great rugby player and a true Tiger.

A total of 27 Easts representatives have gone on to wear the green and gold jersey for either the Wallabies or for Australia at a Sevens, U21, U20, U18 or Wallaroos level.

They also have 47 Queensland representatives and currently have a number of players involved in the Reds program, including Eddie Quirk, Aidan Toua, Blake Enever, Jarrad Butler and UJ Seuteni.

Queensland Premier Rugby Premierships (Hospital Cup)
1997     Coaches:  Grant Batty, Mike Thomas
1999     Coaches:  Adrian Thompson
2008     Coaches : Patrick Richards, Andrew Scotney, David Hanham
2008     QRU Coach of the Year : Patrick Richards
2013     Coaches : Patrick Richards, Tim Sampson, Michael Lucas

Welsby Cup

1982, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2011

Horsley Cup
1984 and 1999

Doughty Shield
1987, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2009

Queensland Premier Rugby Player of the Year

1976 Bruce Cooke
1982 Brett Scott
1984 Shaun Hourigan
1987 Greg Hassall
1989 David Wilson
1991 David Wilson
1993 Graham Holt
1999 Richard Graham
2001 Andrew Scotney
2007 Matt Brandon
2012 Matt Brandon
2017 Michael Gunn

Australian Women’s Player of the Year 
2011 Shannon Parry

Australian Club Championship 

2009      Coaches: Patrick Richards, Andrew Scotney, David Hanham

Paul Mooney, Ross Cullen, Bruce Cooke, Peter McLean, Nigel Holt, David Wilson, Paul Kahl, Jeremy Paul, Ben Mowen, Izack Rodda

Paul Mooney, Ross Cullen, Bruce Cooke, M.Brew, G.Campbell, G.Gore, Art Galbraith, Greg Holben, Ken Donald, R.Mackay, Paul Persijh, Mark Skelton, Jim Stratford, Reg Sutton, Jeff Weeks, Peter McLean, Dennis Owens, Nigel Holt, Greg Hassall, Stephen Philpotts, Brett Scott, Neil Goodman-Jones, Paul Kahl, David Wilson, Rob Korst, Andrew King, Damien Wallis, Richard Kinsey, Graham Holt, Craig Howe, Brent Cockbain, Jacob Rauluni, Richard Graham, Rick Nalatu, Ross West, Shane Tiatia, Tu Tamarua, Andrew Scotney, Junior Pelesasa, Ric Tyrrell, Gene Fairbanks, Andrew Walker, Ben Mowen, Aidan Toua, Eddie Quirk, Blake Enever, Jarrad Butler, Jonah Placid, Andrew Ready, Michael Gunn, Pettowa Paraka, Izack Rodda, Izaia Perese, Kirwan Sanday

Australian Sevens
Richard Graham, Ricky Nalatu, Jeff Weeks, David Wilson, Gene Fairbanks, Ben Mowen, Aidan Toua, Eddie Quirk, Shannon Walker, Jordan Tuapou

Australian Under 21

2005 Ben Mowen

Australian Under 20
Eddie Quirk, Aidan Toua, Pettowa Paraka, UJ Seutini, Jonah Placid

Australian Under 18
Pat Ritchie

Selena Tranter, Robyn Chambers, Shannon Parry, Cheyenne Campbell

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