Men’s Rugby at Easts Rugby Union


In a post-match debrief, Simon Craig, the head coach for Easts Rugby, reflected on their recent loss against Gps with a score of 15-35. Despite the defeat, Craig remained optimistic, highlighting the positive aspects of the team’s performance.

“We fielded a notably young team with six new debutants emerging from our colts and juniors programs,” Craig explained. This infusion of fresh talent showcased the depth and potential within the club’s ranks.

The match saw Easts holding their ground admirably for the initial 40 minutes, indicating their competitiveness and resilience on the field. However, as the game progressed, they encountered difficulties, particularly in the second half.

“We faltered in the second half, committing some errors,” Craig acknowledged. These mistakes proved costly, as they allowed their opponents, Gps, to gain momentum and capitalise on opportunities.

Craig emphasised the significance of minimising turnovers, which led to an excessive number of opponent zone entries. “Our excessive turnovers resulted in too many opponent zone entries, which they capitalized on,” he lamented. Addressing this issue will be crucial for Easts as they move forward in the season.

Nevertheless, Craig expressed satisfaction with the overall performance of the team. “I’m pleased with our performance overall,” he affirmed. Despite the loss, there were undoubtedly glimpses of promise and potential within the squad.

Looking ahead, Craig remained confident in the team’s ability to bounce back and improve. “I believe we will continue to improve with time,” he concluded optimistically. With a commitment to learning from mistakes and further developing their skills, Easts aims to emerge stronger in future encounters.

Join us this weekend at Tigerland – Bottomley Park as we celebrate Past Players Day with an exciting match-up between Easts and Brothers. It’s a special occasion where we honour the legacy of those who have donned the Easts jersey in years gone by.

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Women’s Rugby at Easts Rugby Union


Reflecting on the match, Mills acknowledged the team’s initial challenges, stating, “After a good warm-up, we seemed to suffer from first-game jitters and started slowly.” This was exacerbated by unforeseen circumstances such as late changes and injury management, leading to some players being out of position in the forwards.

However, adversity often fuels determination, and Mills noted the turning point in the game, saying, “The first try by GPS galvanised the team and we started to get into our work.” From there, Easts demonstrated remarkable teamwork, effort, and adaptability. “We were very pleased by the teamwork and effort, coupled with some eyes-up rugby that allowed us to take advantage of opportunities against the run of play and score points to register a solid win,” Mills added.

The victory not only showcased the team’s resilience but also highlighted their ability to capitalise on opportunities and work together cohesively. As they continue their season, Mills and the Easts Women’s Premier team are undoubtedly motivated to build upon this success and strive for even greater achievements on the field.