Team of the Round

Welcome to our Team of the Round for 2023.

As voted by the coaches, this is the selection of the best player positions from each round. Here’s our pick of Players from the week. Throughout the season we will update the round on a Wednesday. Congratulations to all of our Tigers for their efforts and particularly to those who have made the list below.

Round 8 - BYE

Round 7 - Wests vs Easts

Team of the Round (Round 7)

1Easts rugby player profile Maletina BrownMaletina BrownPremier WomenLoosehead Prop
2Martin Brennan2nd GradeHooker
3Cheyenne LetaluPremier WomenTighthead Prop
4Alex KerrColts 1Second Row
5Aidan Leeming1st GradeSecond Row
6LJ Tuivasa3rd GradeBlindside Flanker
7Tom Milosevic (c)Easts 1st GradeOpenside Flanker
8Joachim Thetadig4th GradeNumber 8
9Sam FarrarColts 1Halfback
10Loretta LealiifanoPremier WomenFlyhalf
11Lachlan Tokome2nd GradeLeft Wing
12Jono Scopes5th GradeInside Center
13Sam Toft5th GradeOutside Center
14Gus GodwinColts 1Right Wing
15Will QuinnColts 1Fullback
16Shannon SymonPremier WomenCoach
17James Su’aPremier WomenCoach

Round 6 - Easts vs Souths

Round 5 - GPS vs Easts

Team of the Round (Round 5)

1Lewis ShawColts 3Loosehead Prop
2Martin Brennan1st GradeHooker
3Tane Pardoe3rd GradeTighthead Prop
4Matt ScheenhouwerColts 3Second Row
5Caitlin GriffeyPremier WomenSecond Row
6George McCarthyColts 4Blindside Flanker
7Alex Smit1st GradeOpenside Flanker
8Adi DreuPremier WomenNumber 8
9Ben Littleton3rd GradeHalfback
10Easts rugby player profile Loretta LealiifanoLoretta Lealiifano (c)Easts Women’s Premier GradeFlyhalf
11Charlie HallColts 3Left Wing
12Dan Chorley4th GradeInside Center
13Jonathan Skelton5th GradeOutside Center
14Will LawranceColts 2Right Wing
15Meli Dreu1st GradeFullback
16Wallace HeterakaColts 3Coach
17Guy HewartsonColts 3Coach

Round 4 - Easts vs UQ

Team of the Round (Round 4)

1Angelo Pepe3rd GradeLoosehead Prop
1Kaileb CrothersColts 1Hooker
3Joe Tauvasa6th GradeTighthead Prop
4Tom TwaddellColts 1Second Row
5Tadhg Ridley6th GradeSecond Row
6Lachlan CarrewColts 2Blindside Flanker
7LJ Tauvasa4th GradeOpenside Flanker
8George StoddartColts 1Number 8
9Eli Pilz1st GradeHalfback
10Jake Pappin1st GradeFlyhalf
14Will LawranceColts 2Left Wing
12Chris Woodard6th GradeInside Center
12Dan Chorley4th GradeOutside Center
14Harry SmedleyColts 3Right Wing
15Remi Obstetar7th GradeFullback
16Ben Mowen1st GradeCoach
17Simon Craig1st GradeCoach
18Paul Warwick1st GradeCoach

Round 3 - Norths vs Easts

Team of the Round (Round 3)

1Wade Baugart6th GradeLoosehead Prop
1Lewis ShawColts 3Hooker
3Ramese Uoka2nd GradeTighthead Prop
4Fred Fewtrell1st GradeSecond Row
5Jacob Day3rd GradeSecond Row
8George StoddartColts 1Blindside Flanker
7Henry ZeitschColts 4Openside Flanker
8Tau Tuisamoa1st GradeNumber 8
9Archie XavierColts 2Halfback
12Jono Scopes5th GradeFlyhalf
14Gus GodwinColts 1Left Wing
11Jordan Carriera2nd GradeInside Center
13Pio Nakubuwai1st GradeOutside Center
14Easts rugby player profile Carla HuysamenCarla HuysamenPremier WomenRight Wing
15Piper FlynnPremier WomenFullback
16Niko MilosevicColts 4Coach
17Tim LancasterColts 4Coach

Round 2 - Bond vs Easts

Team of the Round (round 2)

1Kaileb CrothersColts 1Loosehead Prop
2Drew SmithColts 2Hooker
3Nick BloomfieldColts 1Tighthead Prop
4Alex KerrColts 1Second Row
4Fred Fewtrell1st GradeSecond Row
7Alex Smit1st GradeBlindside Flanker
16Shannon SymonPremier Women’s GradeOpenside Flanker
8Tau Tuisamoa1st GradeNumber 8
9Will Kirk2nd GradeHalfback
10Tristan Back3rd GradeFlyhalf
11Max MortessColts 4Left Wing
12Charlie Olsen3rd GradeInside Center
13Tyrees Wilson2nd GradeOutside Center
14Shane Kennedy2nd GradeRight Wing
15Tai GordonColts 2Fullback
16Jack LeamonColts 2Coach
17Lee WilsonColts 2Coach

Round 1 - Sunnybank vs Easts

Team of the Round (round 1)

1Kaileb CrothersColts 1Loosehead Prop
2Toby WestonColts 1Hooker
3Stirling Schmidt4th GradeTighthead Prop
5Aidan Leeming1st GradeSecond Row
4Alex KerrColts 1Second Row
6Blair ElcockColts 4Blindside Flanker
7Henry Wilson2nd GradeOpenside Flanker
7Alex Smit1st GradeNumber 8
9Will Kirk2nd GradeHalfback
10Archie WilsonColts 2Flyhalf
14Shane Kennedy2nd GradeLeft Wing
12Max Goldsborough4th GradeInside Centre
13Lui Malaitai3rd GradeOutside Centre
14Matthieu Berthou3rd GradeRight Wing
15Henry HoltColts 2Fullback
16Matt Brandon2nd GradeCoach
17Moses Rauluni2nd GradeCoach
18Tim Stoddart2nd GradeCoach